Infant Massage
Bonding/attachment - teach parent, caregivers techniques of parent to infant.

Swedish Massage
Primarily for relaxation. Stimulates blood circulation.

Pregnant Massage
Tailored for expectant mothers' needs. Also called Prenatal Massage. It helps reduce stress, decrease swelling and promotes relaxation.

Appling pressure to the feet and hands. Affects a physical change in the body

Deep Tissue
Applied to both superfical and deep layers of muscles. Relieves tension in the muscles.

Sports Massage
Originally to help athletes/and for people with injuries, chronic pain

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, heated, basalt stones - both deeply relaxing. Helps release tight muscles.

Steam Theraphy
Stimulates releases of toxins, relieves stiffness in the joints and promotes weight loss.

Head Tapping
Opening up the meridians, emotional situation, sadness, fears, etc.

(Temporomandibular joint)
Bilateral joint - many factors place undue strain on the TMJ, bruxism, trama, jaw thrusting, and over opening of the jaw beyond it's range.

Stimulates the acupressure points and manipulates the body to balance itself. Treatment includes the neck, shoulders, back, legs and face.

Muscle Testing
Strengthening of weak muscles

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